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Cutting Boards

Style that’s Affordable and Functional

Multi Specie Wood Cutting Boards

From $50

Our cutting boards are made from a variety of different wood species.  Each board is hand-crafted and one of a kind. Our boards are not only beautiful, but durable. Popular species include walnut, cherry, maple, beech and oak. Many sizes available to suit your kitchen decor and cooking needs.

some baby blocks added to the showroom.

End Grain Cutting Boards

From $50

End grain cutting boards are designed to help your knives last longer.  Our custom end grain cutting boards are beautifully styled and hand-crafted.  Each board is completely unique and extremely durable. Specific patterns are available to help you decorate your kitchen with functional style.


Butcher Block Cutting Boards

From $50

For the ultimate kitchen accessory, consider a butcher block cutting board.  Stylish and functional, these blocks make it easy to personalize your kitchen space while adding some warmth and style. Our wide selection of blocks can be custom made to any size you need.

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Charcuterie Boards

From $50

Do you like to entertain?  A custom charcuterie board is exactly what you're looking for.  Impress your guests when you serve snacks on a hand-crafted board.  Many varieties of wood available, including epoxy-based designs, custom laser engraving or natural wood for a more rustic appearance.  If you can dream it, we can design it for you.  Several sizes of board available, including table-length boards for entertaining large groups.  Order yours today!


Serving Platters

From $50

Custom-made serving platters are the perfect fit for your next dinner party or gathering.  Available in many shapes and sizes, these serving platters will add style and class to your home.  Buy one for yourself and another for a friend.


Realtors - Custom Boards

From $50

Realtors, consider a customized cutting board for your home owners as a thank you gift for their business.  Personalize the board with your logo and you've got a long-lasting business card added as a fixture to customers' homes.  These boards are also great for an open house or to assist with staging a home.  Any variety of wood species and design available.  Contact us today to place your order.